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Healing for Felines at Aristokatz

Reiki for your Cat Companion 

Photo copyright Hunter Healing Hands

Photo copyright Dr. Geri Katz and Aristokatz

                        "Manny" receiving Reiki                                                           Aristokatz Offices in Fairfield, CT              

Reiki : Healing Cats with Universal Life Force Energy

What is Reiki, and how can it benefit your Cat?

By Jessica Hunter

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key, and translates from Japanese as “Universal Life Force Energy”) is a Japanese energetic healing technique utilized for overall balance, relaxation, and energetic wellness. Developed by Dr. Usui in Japan in the early 1920’s, Reiki made it’s way to the United States in the early 1940’s, and has since developed and morphed into many different types of modern formations, off of the original Japanese roots.

Reiki is a non-invasive technique wherein a trained Reiki Practitioner taps into this Universal Life Force Energy, and channels it through their hands into the recipient. As the Practitioner is just simply the facilitator and nothing more – the energy that flows through the Practitioner works on its own with the individual receiving. The only thing flowing in this interaction is just energy, which is simply what Reiki is – Universal Life Force Energy. Nothing more, and nothing less. It is one of the most simple, non-invasive, and gentle alternative forms of Energetic holistic healing available.

We are all made up of energy; every living thing has a life force energy to them, in addition to their physical make up. Cats in particular, respond to Reiki very well. Cats are very sensitive and special souls – who have a keen sense of knowing and sensing. They respond to energy around them, from individuals, and in their environment. Have you ever seen a cat respond to a situation or person it did not like, even if there is no apparent issue that is visibly seen? This is an example of how tuned in a cat is to energy of a person, place, or thing.

Reiki can be beneficial in many ways for cats. Many cats, often calm down and relax after receiving it. Some simply fall asleep. It can ease their stress and reduce their anxiety. So what are some of the situations where Reiki would benefit a Cat? Here are some of the elements Reiki can assist with:

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  • Promoting Calmness and Relaxation
  • Assisting the healing process and destressing a cat during or after any type of illness
  • Assisting the healing process and reducing stress during or after any type of surgery or medical procedures
  • Assisting in calming and reducing aggressive behavior
  • Assisting a cat in the dying and/or transition process

These are just a few elements how Reiki can benefit a cat; however, a cat does not necessarily have to have any issues to be able to receive Reiki. Receiving Reiki to calm down and relax is something that can benefit any cat regardless. Reiki is a wonderful alternative modality that works from an energetic perspective. When used in conjunction with traditional veterinary care, it can assist in a cat’s healing process from a holistic aspect that works hand in hand with the veterinary aspect; Therefore, encompassing the whole aspect of healing – Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Jessica currently donates Reiki healing sessions for feline patients at Aristokatz Cat Care in Fairfield, CT.  Jessica has a special place in her heart for cats, and has worked with all types of cats - healthy, ferals, special needs, and terminally ill - in both private and shelter environments.  In addition to her private practice work, Jessica also believes in giving back to the community. 

Jessica is available on select Mondays each month at Aristokatz during office hours to donate Reiki to Felines.

She will be at Aristokatz for these upcoming dates:

Monday, December 16, 2019

Monday, December 30, 2019

If you would like to schedule a session for your feline, please contact Emilee at Aristokatz -  203-690-1099 -  for more information and to schedule a session. Healing sessions are free as a donation to all current Aristokatz feline patients.  


All of Jessica's Workshops are taught in an individual format, one on one with students by Private Appointment.  

This is to ensure that students have an optimal learning environment, with a deeper focus on the content being taught.  

In a one on one format, students have Jessica's full support, guidance, instruction, and attention in their learning process, without disruptions or outside distractions from other individuals, such as what potentially happens in a group format workshop setting. Workshops are focused to each student's individual learning needs and comprehension of the material being taught. 

 Workshop offerings are listed below.

Shamanic Circles & Shamanic Ceremonies

Circles and Ceremonies are held in group format.  

Information for Circles and Ceremonies are listed below. 

Details and requirements for attending are also listed in each description.

Photo copyright Hunter Healing Hands.

Energy Healing for the Empath Workshop

Self - Healing Techniques and Survival Skills for the Empath

Are you an Empath?  Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who so often struggle with navigating emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually in life.   Many go through life experiencing so many challenges, and are unaware of the source of their sensitivity; and some do realize the source of their sensitivity, but are not sure how to work with the challenges that come along with it.  Although being an Empath can be a unique road to walk, it does not have to disable you, and you can learn to manage it and survive in a balanced way. This workshop will discuss the components of being an Empath, and incorporate self-healing skills and tools to assist with the process of managing being an Empath.  

The word "Empath" has become increasingly popular and is often misconstrued and mis-represented in the healing, psychic, spiritual, and metaphysical community.  Most people who are truly an Empath - do not feel like they are "gifted" or "special" at all.  Most Empaths are really having a difficult time, and are trying to figure out how to survive in the world.  This workshop is designed for Empaths who are seeking assistance with being wired this way.  This is a detailed workshop with a lot of information and helpful techniques for Empaths.

The workshop includes the following: Lecture and discussion; Grounding and Balancing techniques for energetic stability; Multiple Protection techniques for self-survival and energy preservation; How to Identify, Discern, and work with your Empathic Psychic and Emotional Signals, and how to respond to them;  Transformation techniques for clearing toxic energies from yourself; Shamanic Stone Ceremony for Release and Empowerment of energies; and a Customized Medicine Bag for Empaths.

No experience necessary, this workshop is open to anyone called to learn self-healing tools and skills to assist them with their Empath sensitivity.    

To Register:  Contact Jessica to schedule your individual private appointment for this workshop.


Location: Hunter Healing Hands

Workshop Length:    3 Hours

Exchange: $150 with pre-registration upon scheduling an appointment date.

Crystal Workshops

Crystal Workshops are offered for those who are interested in learning more about and working with their Crystals.  If you are not interested in taking a full program, but would like to learn more about working with your Crystals for yourself, these workshops are an option. These workshops are very in-depth, and have alot of information and teachings.  Jessica has a very lengthy background in Crystals and Crystal healing;  She has been working with stones for over 27 years, and has also professionally trained with multiple Crystal teachers over the years as well.

Please note: attending these individual Crystal Workshops alone, is not a replacement for training for facilitating Crystal Healing on others.  Appropriate Crystal Healing Practitioner Training should be pursued if there is an interest in working on other individuals with Crystals.  These individual Crystal Workshops below, can be credited towards taking the Stone Spirit Crystal Healing Practitioner Program, in the event there is an interest to go forward in Crystal Healing Training further.  Contact Jessica for more info.   

Explore Crystals: An In-depth Introduction to the Crystal World 

Crystal Care: Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Explore Crystals is an In-depth introduction to the Crystal World.   It encompasses What and Who Crystals are from a geological, metaphysical, and animistic perspective.  Learn about the different types of Crystals, what they are, how they became, how they work, and how they can be worked with in different ways.  A variety of different Crystals and Stones are discussed and explored, in addition to various aspects of Quartz, and it's formations and purposes.  The spiritual and energetic aspects of the above is also incorporated.   Proper cleansing and care of Crystals will also be incorporated in the Crystal Care aspect of this workshop.   Learn what actually works, and what does not work, in caring for and working with Crystals.  

There is no pre-requisite to attend this workshop, anyone who is interested in learning about Crystals is welcome to attend.

To Register:  Contact Jessica to schedule your individual private appointment for this workshop.

Location: Hunter Healing Hands

Workshop Length:  6 hours

Exchange:  $450 with pre-registration upon scheduling an appointment date.

Connecting with Crystals:

Discovering the Messages and Healing in Crystals

Learn different ways of how to connect with, communicate with, and work with the Stone Spirits and their Energies.  This workshop will discuss and work with various techniques to connect with Stone Spirits and Energies, and will discuss what works, and what does not work.   Students will also learn and practice with working with their intuitive senses in Connecting with Crystals from various aspects.  

If you have experience with Crystals and how they work, and also know how to property cleanse and charge them, then there is no pre-requisite to take this workshop.  If you are interested in taking this workshop, but have no previous knowledge on Crystals or how to properly care for them, then it is recommended to take the Explore Crystals workshop above prior to taking this workshop.  Contact Jessica for more info.

To Register: Contact Jessica to schedule your individual private appointment for this workshop.

Location: Hunter Healing Hands

Workshop Length:  2-3 hours

Exchange: $150 with pre-registration upon scheduling an appointment date.

Crystal Grids: 

Creating Energetic Fields for the Self and Specific Purposes

Learn what Crystal Grids are, how they work, and why and what they are created and utilized for.  Learn what works, and what does not work in working with Crystal Grids.  A variety of grid examples, exercises, and ways to connect with the energy connected with Grids, and how to properly activate and connect them, are explored and discussed in this workshop.  

If you have previous Crystal knowledge or experience, and understand how they work, and how to properly care for them and connect with them, then there is no pre-requisite to attend this workshop.  If you do not have any experience on how Crystals work, how to care for them, or how to connect with them - then it is recommended to take the Explore Crystals Workshop and Connecting with Crystals Workshop prior to taking the Crystal Grids Workshop.  Contact Jessica for more info.

To Register: Contact Jessica to schedule your individual private appointment for this workshop.

Location: Hunter Healing Hands

Workshop Length: 2-3 hours

Exchange: $150 with pre-registration upon scheduling an appointment date.

Shamanic Workshops


Walking in the Worlds

The Shamanic Journey 

Weekend Intensive Workshop

The Shamanic Journey is an ancient technique to connect with Spirit and Energy, and is used to step into the Spirit worlds that co-exist with ordinary reality.  This in-depth and intensive workshop will cover what the Shamanic Journey is, how it works, and various ways of using it from a Core Shamanism perspective.   Students will learn self healing techniques for personal healing connections with Spirits and Energy, in addition to how to begin establishing Spirit relations in shamanic practices.  Students will also learn how to safely and effectively conduct a Shamanic Journey, explore introductory elements and parameters of Shamanism,  learn to work with Spirit Guides and Power Animals, in addition to much more.  Discussion and exploration of the various worlds in Shamanism is also incorporated, in addition to various hands on techniques and exercises in different aspects of Shamanic Journey work. 

No prior shamanic experience is necessary to take this Weekend Intensive Journey Workshop, and there are no pre-requisites to take this workshop.  The Workshop is open to anyone who wishes to learn how to Journey, and it covers an introduction to Shamanism along with Journey teachings, along with additional Spirit teachings.  Individuals who are interested in learning how to Journey, who may not be interested in Shamanic Practitioner Training, are more than welcome to take this Workshop.  

Please Note: The Walking in the Worlds Journey Weekend Intensive Workshop alone is not a replacement for Shamanic Training for working on others, and it is also not a replacement for Shamanic Practitioner training.  Appropriate extensive Shamanic training and/or Shamanic Practitioner training should be pursued through a reputable program, well beyond a Journey Class or Workshop before attempting any type of Shamanic Healing on others.  

This Weekend Intensive Workshop is also the pre-requisite for the 2 Year Shamanic Practitioner Program.  

If you are interested in Shamanic Practitioner training, information on the Shamanic Spirit program is listed on the "Programs" page of this site.  If you have already been trained in how to do a Shamanic Journey from another Teacher and / or Class or Workshop, and are interested in applying to the Shamanic Practitioner Program, details are on the Programs page for applying.

Walking in the Worlds Fee:   $350 for a full Weekend (2 full days, All day Saturday and All day Sunday)

Location:  Hunter Healing Hands

Accommodations:  If you are traveling from a distance to take this workshop and need accommodations and/or hotel information, contact Jessica for recommended accommodations.

Registration for Walking in the Worlds: If you are interested in learning how to Journey, please contact Jessica for more information, and to schedule your individual private appointment dates for this Workshop.  

Shamanic Journey Skill Development

Have you learned how to do a Shamanic Journey - 

but feel stuck, are struggling, or do not feel confident in Journeying?

Learn how to deepen your Shamanic Journey skills and feel confident in Shamanic Journey work!

The Shamanic Journey is not always easy for everyone to connect with - it really is a different process for everyone.  And even after one learns how to Journey - development of Journey skills is a process, and also different for everyone.

For some, Journeying can come very natural in learning it and practicing it; and for others, it can be a struggle to learn it or practice it.  Jessica offers sessions to work one on one with you to assist you in developing your Shamanic Journey skills.  

She will work with you to see where you feel confident, where you are struggling, and provide assistance, guidance, and teaching to assist you in the practice of developing your Shamanic Journey skills, and to develop your confidence in stepping into the Spirit World, and working with your Helping Spirits.  These types of sessions can be done as many times as needed for assistance in developing Journey skills.  

To Register:   Contact Jessica to schedule your individual private appointment for these sessions.

Location:  Hunter Healing Hands

Session Length:  2 hours

Exchange:  $175 with pre-registration upon scheduling an appointment date.

Photo copyright Hunter Healing Hands.

The Realm of the Spirit World:

The Duality of Darkness & Light

What exists in the Spirit World?  

Who and What resides there?

If you are interested in learning about the realm of the Spirit World, 

or want to learn about and understand various aspects of the scope of the Spirit World 

- then this workshop is for you!

No experience necessary, this is open to anyone who wishes to learn more.

The realm of the Spirit World contains many different landscapes and many different beings, both of Dark and Light.  This workshop will discuss some of the various areas that exist in the Spirit World, and will also discuss the different beings that exist in it from both a realistic and shamanic perspective.  Spiritual beings from the realm of the Light, such as Angels, Ascended Masters, and Helping Spirits will be discussed, in addition to Spirit beings of the Darkness - such as the various types and levels of darker Spirits and Entities.  This workshop will also discuss the various roles of these beings, and how to recognize a positive being from a negative being, and the differences between them.  Proper communication and Protection techniques will also be discussed, in addition to what to properly do, or which type of healing or spiritual professional to seek for assistance, in different types of spiritual situations and circumstances. 

To Register:   Contact Jessica to schedule your individual private appointment for this workshop.

Location: Hunter Healing Hands

Workshop Length:    3 1/2 Hours

Exchange: $100 with pre-registration upon scheduling an appointment date.

Shamanic Circles and Ceremonies

Shamanic Intuitive Healing Journey Circle

Join us to connect in sacred circle for healing Shamanic Journey work.  Intuitive and healing Shamanic Journey work is the sole focus, for guidance and healing from the Helping Spirits.  These are in-depth Shamanic Circles for those who are experienced Journeyers - who already have an established solid experience in the Shamanic Journey, and wish to further those skills and connections to Helping Spirits.    Interactive healing Journey work is also incorporated in different formats in these Circles.  

Each Circle is different, depending on the healing focus of the Circle.  Individuals attending must bring a Drum or Rattle for participation.  

Journey Circles are held regularly throughout the year.  We have an established group of regular Journeyers who have been attending here for years.  The Circle is always open to new individuals attending, so long as they meet the Circle pre-requisites to attend.

Journey Circle Pre-Requisite:   A solid and experienced ability to do a Shamanic Journey.  

Individuals attending must have solid working relationships with their Spirit guides, and must have adequate experience with being able to do a Shamanic Journey to all of the Shamanic Worlds (Upper, Middle, and Lower).  

Upcoming  and Ongoing Journey Circle Dates:    Please note Journey Circle dates are only sent out via e-mail to a Shamanic Journey e-mail group; Circle Dates are not posted on the website. If you would like to receive information or upcoming dates for these Journey Circles, or be added to the Journey Circle Group, please contact Jessica.    

Location: Hunter Healing Hands

Exchange: $25

Annual Shamanic Ceremony

Honoring the Pequots

A Sacred Shamanic Ceremony

 for Healing and Honoring the Victims, Perpetrators, and the Land

connected with the Pequot War

"Jessica, I just wanted to thank you for the great work you are doing connected with the Pequots, and the very fine story you wrote for the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.  Everything you wrote down rings completely true, and I am very pleased to know of your work.  Take care, and just wanted to let you know you are appreciated.  May you have a good successful life continuing your work."   

                                                                                                                                   ~ Michael Harner
                                                                                                                                      The Foundation for Shamanic Studies,  July, 2016

This is a sacred ceremony to honor the local Pequot Tribe, and join in a circle of healing for all ancestral ties of all of the victims, perpetrators, and land spirits, connected to this war.  This ceremony is being held on the anniversary of the "Great Swamp Fight" - one of the largest and most impactful Native American battles in the history of New England - that finally ended in Fairfield (Southport), Connecticut, on July 13, 1637.    We cannot forget to honor the Natives who sacrificed their lives and their land.  They were the first people, and they were greatly wronged on so many levels.  We cannot change that the Pequot War happened; however, we can offer honor and respect for these people and their ancestors.  This ceremony will include shamanic healing work for all victims, perpetrators, and the land, including healing for our own ancestral ties to these entanglements.  We will be honoring the Spirits in various forms to honor their lives.

Disclaimer: Please note this event is not associated with or sponsored directly by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation or any of its affiliates.

Jessica has been working with healing work connected to the Pequot Spirits and the land connected to them for many years.  

Her focus is to bring awareness, healing, and respect for the first people in our local area, their ancestors, and the land, through sacred ceremony.  More information on Jessica's work connected to the Pequot war can be found in her article, "Honoring the Pequots: Healing War & Trauma through Shamanic Ceremony", which was published in the Journal of Shamanic Practice in 2016.   She facilitates this ceremony on a yearly basis to honor this.

2020 Ceremony date to be announced.

Location:  Hunter Healing Hands

The first part of the ceremony will begin at Hunter Healing Hands, and then continue at various land locations connected to the Pequot War to leave offerings for the remainder of the ceremony.

Exchange:  $40  All of the proceeds will be donated directly to the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

Registration:  If you are interested in attending this ceremony, contact Jessica for more information and information on registration.  Registration confirmation is by Invitation from Hunter Healing Hands.  Ceremony time, details, and requirements are sent via Invitation only.

Policies for Events, Circles, & Workshops

Events, Circles, and Workshops:  
Fees are non-refundable, and non-exchangeable;   However, in the instance that the Event, Circle, or Workshop is totally cancelled by Hunter Healing Hands, all pre-registration funds are refunded to participants.  

Please note that Events, Circles, and Workshops are for self-growth, enrichment, and development for ages 18 years or older - They are not a replacement for certifications and / or training of any kind to provide or teach healing services to others.  
Appropriate training in healing / spiritual/ or psychic development - should be pursued and completed prior to providing or teaching healing work for others.  Workshops are not replacements for in-depth training programs.