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Jessica Hunter

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 Healing Services

Jessica Hunter

Celebrating 10 years in professional practice serving the community

"I have always enjoyed working with my hands.  But my hands do not do the healing work.  The hand of Spirit steps in, and truly facilitates the magic for the client.  I believe in giving credit where credit is due - and my credit and reverence is to the Spirits - for without them, the work would not be possible.  I have never been comfortable calling myself a "healer" or "gifted" in any way - so I don't,  I am just Jessica.  I feel appreciative and honored that clients have described my work that way, but those are their words.  And those words are truly describing the magic they experience between themselves and the Spirits in session.  I am simply just the witness and facilitator to support you in the process of your healing."    

                                                                                                                             ~ Jessica Hunter

Shamanism & Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is rooted in ancient healing practices that work with Spirits, Energy, and connections to the natural world. Our ancestors practiced some form of Shamanism or Animism (depending on the culture and region) and had a deep relationship with the Earth and Nature.  A form of Shamanism and/or Animistic practices is rooted in many cultures in society, and is still very much alive and in existence in our current modern times.  Shamanic Healing focuses on healing issues at the core to restore balance, harmony, empowerment, and transformation, from the spiritual perspective.  

Shamanic Healing Services

"Hi Jessica, I hope you are well.  I just wanted to let you know that I got a short psychic reading from a spiritualist of Native American (Cherokee) ancestry.  The first thing she said to me was "You've had healing work done."  I told her that I've been working with a Shamanic Healer (you) for over a year.  She replied that you do "beautiful work."  I very much appreciate all of the beautiful work that you do.  Thank you for your honesty, kindness, integrity, and wisdom.  You are a treasure.  Looking forward to seeing you soon."  

 - Client Testimonial, T.B., West Haven, CT 

Power Animal Retrievals & 

Helping Spirit Shamanic Healing 

Each one of us has a guardian animal spirit that protects us, guides us, and assists us in our healing.  This shamanic healing allows one to re-connect with or discover their connection to their Power Animal (or multiple Power Animals) and embody them to develop a personal connection to them.  Some of this healing work also incorporates healing and empowerment from Spirits connected to the individual for healing purposes- who may be in Animal, Plant, Stone, Element, Mystical, or Sacred Guardian form.

Shamanic Soul Retrievals

Soul Retrieval healing restores energetic balance and wholeness, and restoration at the Soul level.
When a trauma of any kind (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) or difficult time in life occurs, a piece of our soul or life essence may leave the physical body.  Life essences may also leave in cases where we give our personal power away, in addition to many other possibilities.  

Many individuals experience Soul Loss of some type as they travel through their life journeys in different forms. Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing that re-integrates and heals the missing soul part or life essence back into the individual.  Clients are able to reclaim this lost essence and restore balance and self empowerment in their healing process.   

"My dearest Soul

Through timeless space you may travel

Through many worlds you may roam

I am at the doorway waiting

And I am here to welcome you home

I have known you before in lifetimes

And I will know you once again

On this journey of pathways together

Intertwined as One, we will mend

My dearest Soul, my friend."


"Conversations with the Soul"  written by Jessica Hunter 

 Poem & Photo Copyright Hunter Healing Hands.

Shamanic DNA Healing Retrievals

DNA Healing Retrievals incorporates the highest form of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual empowerment specifically connect to and for individuals.  A form of Siberian shamanic healing, this method is personalized to the client and their energetic DNA connection, and is incorporated into the body through shamanic practices.  This healing method works with empowerment and healing for individuals who need an "energetic revamp", or assistance with personal power through transitions and changes physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. 

Shamanic Past Life Healing

Our Soul has many lives, and many journeys.  Our Past Lives can present knowledge, understanding, lessons, or clarification as to what role that past life (or past lives) has in one's soul journey, and how it connects with your current soul journey.  

Jessica works with Past Lives as they present in session through a Shamanic perspective.

Shamanic Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing is incorporated with healing of the drum to connect with the power and healing of our ancestors.  This work incorporates shamanic healing to assist in removing and transforming blocks, fears, burdens, guilt, and energy that we may have unconsciously carried for our Ancestors that no longer serves us, while also connecting with the strength, love, and healing from our ancestral lines.  Healing resonates seven generations back, and seven generations forward from this work. Clients are able to move forward with their destiny in a freeing and positive way.

Shamanic Mediumship & Shamanic Spirit Communication

Jessica is a Shamanic Medium - she is able to communicate with various types of helping Spirits, in addition to loved ones who are in Spirit.   Please note that  Jessica's Shamanic Mediumship and Spirit Communications are part of all of her healing sessions, and incorporated within them along with healing work services.  Please note that mediumship does not guarantee that  your loved one that is "expected" will definitely appear in a session.  Jessica works with the Spirits that present at the time of the healing.  

Shamanic Journeys for Divination & Guidance

If you have a specific inquiry, questions, or would like guidance from the Helping Spirits in a particular area (or areas) this is another type of shamanic healing option for those types of inquiries.  Journeys for Divination and Guidance go into the depths of an inquiry to give clarity and guidance options for clients from the Helping Spirits' intuitive perspective.  

Shamanic Spiritual Counseling

Jessica is an Ordained Minister with Circle of the Sacred Earth, and also provides shamanic spiritual counseling as part of her sessions.  Sessions include intimate guidance, assistance, and sharing while working with the guidance of Spirit to assist individuals in life challenges, growth, and discovery.

Shamanic Extraction

Extraction healing treats the spiritual aspect of illness from the energetic shamanic perspective.  Extraction assists in removing intrusions, energy blockages, attachments, or "life roadblocks" from anywhere in the body, physically or energetically.  The root of the blockages can be self-induced, or may have been picked up from people, places, or things. Extraction healing removes, transforms, and heals them through various shamanic practices, so clients may move forward in a clean, balanced, and renewed state.  

Shamanic Spirit Attachment Removal & Shamanic Depossession

Sometimes spirits can be attracted to individuals with similar energy of the spirit, or individuals who are sensitive to energy or spirits in general.  Attachments can also happen for other various reasons and circumstances.  In an attachment situation, the spirit and/or entity is attempting to use the energy of the individual for various reasons.  The individual affected may experience symptoms in behavior, emotions, or physical symptoms that are not normal to them as a result of the attachment.  If left unattended, some of these cases may progress into a form of some type of possession.  Attachments may also occur for various reasons in connection to entities which are not human.  These types of attachments may also result in various forms of possession, that may express in different forms.   Shamanic healing techniques are incorporated to balance the individual and remove the attachment, to heal and balance all involved.  Jessica has extensive training and experience working with difficult cases, and has worked on a variety of cases involving various types of entities and attachments.   

Shamanic Curse Unraveling & Sorcery Unraveling

Curse Unraveling:    A shamanic healing that works to break and resolve the pattern of Curse work.   Curses can be both intentionally or even unintentionally passed onto individuals.  They can create blockages, bad luck, chronic illness, physical, emotional, or manifestation issues for those affected.  These hindrances can be passed down the family line, or affect a specific individual on a local level. Curses do exist; they are not something of the past, or a myth.  Just because one may choose to believe that curses do not exist, does not mean that they don't exist, and it doesn't make that individual "immune" from them .  This shamanic healing breaks the energetic connection and heals all individuals involved for balance, harmony, and peace, with resolution and removal of the original source of the curse.

Sorcery Unraveling:   A shamanic healing that works to break and resolve Sorcery work.  Sorcery work is when an individual is purposefully initiating, sending, and manipulating energy, and/or spirit(s)  - with an unethical intent of directing it towards and harming another individual, place, or thing, on some level; it is a form of dark work and black magic.  Sorcery exists in many forms in many cultures.  It is not something of the past, and is still very much in existence today.  Sorcery unraveling is a form of shamanic healing to break, clear, and resolve this type of issue and connection.

Shamanic Psychopomp Healing

Shamanic healing that assists individuals who are in the process of transition, or at the time of transition, in the crossing of the Soul and Soul release. Shamanic practices and healing ceremonial work is incorporated to assist the process.  This healing can be incorporated for those suffering from a terminal illness, who are also in the dying process. It is also used to heal and release Spirits who have been bound to a property, space, or land to cross them over to the other side with balance, harmony, and healing resolution.

Crystal Healing Services 

Photo copyright Hunter Healing Hands

Crystals have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for natural wellness and balance.  These wonderful gifts of nature each have their own unique energetic properties and vibrations ~ in essence, their own energies and healing abilities.  Crystals are natural tools that can assist on all levels - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual -  by re-alignment of our own energetic frequencies. They assist with removal of blockages, healing our soul purpose, connection to source, personal growth, grounding, protection, over all cleansing, chakra clearing, and balancing, and self empowerment.  A variety of Crystal Healing techniques & Melody Crystal Healing techniques are also available to incorporate into a healing session. 

Melody Crystal Healing 

Melody Chakra Crystal Healing Array

A crystal healing array to balance and cleanse the chakras, while also bringing healing on the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.

Melody Manifestation Crystal Healing Arrays

A crystal healing array to connect with the inner self to bring forth and manifest goals, dreams and wishes to fruition.

Melody Elimination Crystal Healing Arrays

A crystal healing array to eliminate blockages, life "road blocks" or difficulties, to enable balance and promote positive changes.

Melody Tibetan Pulsing Crystal Healing Arrays

A unique combination of crystal healing array combined with Tibetan Pulsing to open chakras, clear, balance, and remove blockages

Melody Jin Shin Jyutsu Crystal Healing

A unique combination of crystal healing and Jin Shin Jyutsu to heal, clear, and balance blockages or imbalances connected to all areas of the body on a physical, mental, and emotional level. 

Additional Melody Crystal Healing options are also available.  Contact Jessica for more info.

Crystal Healing with the Stone Spirits

Jessica also offers other Crystal Healing options in addition to the Melody crystal work.  The other crystal options are an animistic form of Crystal healing, that incorporates a variety crystal healing work combined with the Spirits. Stone Spirit healing work is tailored to the client's needs at the time of the healing work.



Acupressure is a healing technique that works with the body's own energy.  Acupressure works to balance and restore the energy that already exists within.   Distinct points on the body correlate to the the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.  With gentle pressure placed upon these points, energy can be moved to balance, realign, shift, and remove blockages within all layers and systems of the body through the Strange Flows (extra-ordinary meridians).

Professional Space Clearing & House Clearing Work

Professional Shamanic Space Clearing and Blessings - for Homes, Land, Businesses, or Spaces

Space Clearing and Blessing work clears out blockages, psychic energies, imprints of traumas, and / or Spirits that may be bound to a home, space, or property.   Blessing work is also incorporated in conjunction with cleansing work to promote peace, harmony, balance, and protection.  It is commonly thought that "burning sage" with some prayers and "energy work"  are considered an adequate "Space Clearing."  Space Clearing work is very involved, and is more than just using sage and prayers as commonly depicted; in many cases, sage, prayers,and energy work alone - do not always truly solve the problem or problems.

Jessica's work incorporates a variety of intricate and extensive techniques; she is very thorough in her work, and has an established reputation with successful space clearing work results for clients.  She has both extensive training and experience with clearing work, and has facilitated cleansing work on properties ranging from new construction, to more involved cases, such as older properties with significant history and trauma.  She has experience in working with many cases involving various forms paranormal activity, including cases involving various types of spirits and entities.  Jessica has a compassionate approach to the cleansing process that promotes a peaceful balance for all involved.  She facilitates cleanses for private homes, land, or spaces, in addition to businesses in the New England area - CT, NY, MA, RI.

Space Clearing Assessments for Homes, Land, Businesses, or Spaces

Not sure if your home/space needs a Space Clearing?  Space Clearing Assessments by Jessica are also available. Details can be found under the Appointment Information section below.

Legal Sacred Ceremonies

Weddings  *  Commitment Ceremonies  *  Vow renewals  *  Civil Unions  

*  Baptismal & Birth Ceremonies * Transition & Funeral Ceremonies  

*  Celebration of Life & Memorial Ceremonies

Jessica is an Ordained Minister with Circle of the Sacred Earth, and facilitates healing circles and legal custom ceremonies in nature and earth based traditions. She specializes in celebrating, creating and facilitating ceremonies that are meaningful, special, and personalized for each individual and event; she will work with you to create a ceremony that is outlined to meet your needs, preferences, and specifications.

Photo Copyright Hunter Healing Hands

Scheduling & Appointment Information

Private Healing Sessions

Space Clearings for Homes, Land, or Businesses

Legal Sacred Ceremonies

Private Integrative & Intuitive Healing Sessions for Individuals 
All healing sessions integrate a unique combination of healing services and shamanic intuitive guidance.  
Jessica strives to provide quality healing work that is focused in substance, depth, integrity, and the sacred for each and every client.  All sessions are private and confidential.  
Healing sessions are facilitated in person and hands on, and include a combination of the following below:

* A personalized consultation & spiritual assessment of energy & soul needs
* Integrative combinations of multiple healing services listed above -  as needed in a session 
* Intuitive guidance and information, Shamanic Mediumship, & Spirit Communications pertaining to client's healing & needs
* Spiritual & Shamanic counseling, support & recommendations   

Distance Sessions are available for select services:  Not all services are as optimal via distance format; therefore, not all of Jessica's services can be done totally by distance work.  Please contact Jessica for more information if you are interested in Distance healing work, and to inquire as to what services are offered via distance.

To Schedule an Appointment for a Healing Session:  Contact Jessica via phone or e-mail to schedule a private session.  If you contact her via e-mail, please also provide a phone number that she may be able to reach you.   If you are not sure about what type of services you may need, it is not a concern - please let Jessica know the reason for the appointment (what issues you would like to work on healing or addressing, or an intention for session), and then the appropriate services can be determined by the Spirits in session. 

Appointment Availability & Further Session Information for Healing Sessions: 

Day, Evening, and Weekend Appointments are options for Sessions:  All sessions are scheduled by appointment, availability is dependent on Jessica's schedule.   Please note Jessica does not schedule same day or last minute appointments.

Session Length & Fee:  Private Healing Sessions are about 2 hours in length, and are $180.  Sessions may include a combination of services depending on what the client needs; this is included in the single fee above for the entire session.  Payment may be made at the time of the appointment.   

Please note Jessica does not permit recordings of sessions, however clients are more than welcome to take written notes.  

As all healing sessions are confidential, please note that other individuals besides the client, are not permitted in the room during a session.  

Photo copyright 

Hunter Healing Hands

Location:  All Healing Sessions are facilitated at Jessica's home office, located in the Black Rock area, at 215 Harbor Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605.  It is a sage green house, with a Hunter Healing Hands sign on the front door.  Parking is available on the street.   
The Mermaids await to greet you at the door!

Private Integrative & Intuitive Healing Session:

Payment may be made at the time of session, as described in the Appointment Information above.  Pre-Payment for sessions is not required, however clients are welcome to do that if they wish, and can use the link / button below.

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy for Private Sessions:  

A 24 hour notice is required to cancel and/or reschedule a healing session appointment.  If you are late for your appointment, please note delayed arrival factors into your scheduled time slot.  Please arrive on time to ensure you receive a fully scheduled appointment.  Jessica respects that her clients' time is valuable, and appreciates that clients also respect that her time is also valuable.  Thank you!

Appointment Information for Space Clearings & Ceremonies

Professional Space Clearings & Blessings

For Homes, Personal Spaces, Land, or Businesses

Space Clearing & Blessing work includes preparation, travel time, the actual cleansing and blessing, a discussion of what transpired during the cleansing, and recommendations for clients.  The amount of session time for a space clearing and cleansing can vary, and depends on many factors in each case. Some cases may involve a few hours - while some, may involve the entire day.  Each case is unique and case specific, so this really depends on many factors.   Space Clearing work is very intricate and thorough, and involves a significant amount of time, work, and preparation to ensure each client receives quality work.    Jessica's clearing work is done in person, and hands on.  

Fees for Space Clearing: are specialized to each case, as no two cases are alike.  This is dependent on many factors, including on the type of case, and what is involved in the case and clearing work.  Contact Jessica for more info.

To Schedule an Appointment for a Space Clearing:  Space Clearing Appointments are available during Day hours on Weekdays or Weekends.  Contact Jessica for more info, to discuss your case, and to schedule if you are interested a Space Clearing. 

Space Clearing Cancellation / Reschedule Policy:  a 48 hour notice is required to cancel and/or reschedule a space clearing appointment.

Space Clearing Assessments 

for Homes, Land, or Businesses

Not sure if your Space, Home or Land is in need of Space Clearing Work?   Have you had paranormal experiences in your home or on your land?  Does the energy not feel "right" or "off"?   Do multiple challenges keep happening in your home or on your property?  Space Clearing work may be something that can help.  Jessica also offers Space Clearing Assessments of Homes, Land, or Businesses.   Jessica will come out to the home / land / or space and make an assessment of what is present, and what may need to be cleared, and will give recommendations of what type of clearing work may need to be done.   Space Clearing Assessments are $180.   In the event a client chooses to schedule and have the actual space clearing work done by Jessica after an assessment, the assessment fee is then credited towards the entire Space Clearing Fee.  

Space Clearing Assessments are also scheduled by Appointment.

Legal Sacred Ceremonies 

To Schedule a date for a Ceremony:     Day, Evening, and Weekend Appointments are available for Ceremonies.

Fees for ceremonies vary depending on the type, length, and involvement.  Ceremonies are customized to the client's requests and preferences.   Please contact Jessica for more info, to discuss the type of ceremony you would like, and to schedule.

Please Note:  Shamanic Healing, Crystal Healing, and Spirit and Energy work, all work in conjunction with traditional care for overall wellness and balance; they are alternative holistic modalities. Such services are complimentary to medical and/or psychological services, and not a replacement for medical and/or psychological care.