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Certification Programs in 

Crystal Healing & Shamanic Healing

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"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu

In traditional cultures -  all forms of healing and spiritual practices are taught with time, dedication, and integration - and training is in person, in extended apprenticeships with teachers.   Jessica believes in adhering to respecting these practices and traditions, and teaches all of her programs in person, hands on, and in an extended apprenticeship format - one on one with students.   

Jessica is a very compassionate and dedicated teacher, but also believes in adhering to standards and integrity in the work.  She strives to provide quality training with substance, so that students can be confident, comfortable, knowledgeable and responsible in practicing healing work.    

Crystal Healing Program and Shamanic Practitioner Program details are below.

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Stone Spirit Program

Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program

An Accredited Program by The World Metaphysical Association

Healing with Crystals from the Metaphysical and Animistic Perspective

Develop a deep and sacred relation with Crystal Energies and Crystal Spirits!  This program encompasses various crystal healing methodologies, along with the Shamanic and Animistic aspects of crystal healing.  Students learn teachings to develop a strong and deep relationship to the Spirits of the Stones for working with them for self healing, and healing for others, from a metaphysical and animistic approach.

Students will explore an in-depth geological and metaphysical introduction of crystals, various ways of cleansing, charging, and programming crystals, the power of working with various quartz crystal spirits, and how to connect with crystal spirits in various ways to discover their depths and healing, creating sacred grids and energy fields, and how to create crystal elixirs for various types of healing.  Crystal healing ethics are also explored, in addition to creating sacred crystal healing tools, crystal healing energy remedies, and working with crystals to create and facilitate full body crystal healing formations for the self and others.  A combination of teachings and extensive hands on experience is incorporated so students can develop a deep healing relationship with the Energies and Spirits of Crystals.  Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification is issues upon completion.

Stone Spirit Program Registration:  Contact Jessica for more information.  No prior crystal experience is necessary to apply to this program. This program is offered on a continual basis, and is taught individually with students.  Training sessions are scheduled by Appointment upon acceptance into the program.

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Shamanic Spirit Program

2 Year Shamanic Practitioner Certification Program

A focus in Core Shamanism with elements of North American & Siberian Spirit Medicine

Develop a sacred and deep relation with the Spirits in all things, and the Helping Spirits with Shamanism and Shamanic Healing! 
The Shamanic Spirit program is an in-depth program that focuses on Shamanic Healing from a combination of Core Shamanism, North American, and Siberian Spirit Medicine healing.  A variety of Core Shamanic Healing teachings from Michael Harner, 
Sandra Ingerman, and Hank Wesselman are included, in conjunction with other North American and Siberian practices.

The program begins with exploration of beginner and intermediate forms of shamanic practices, the depths and healing of shamanic journey work, shamanic cleansing and protection techniques, honoring Spirit guides and developing Spirit relations, shamanic ceremonial work and healing, power animal healing, techniques for transforming energies and empowerment healing, relations and healing with the elements, in addition to many other shamanic practices.  The program continues with in depth shamanic teachings such as Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction, Curse Unraveling, Psychopomp healing, Ancestral healing, Space Clearing and Blessing work, Spirit Attachment Removal, and Shamanic Depossession.  Ethical standards and practices of Shamanism and Shamanic Healing are also discussed and incorporated in this program.   Training throughout this program incorporates and encourages self-development and practice in conjunction with the training as the student progresses through the training.  Upon completion of this program, students have received the training and credentials to practice as Shamanic Practitioners, and receive a certificate to indicate they have completed the program.

Pre-Requisite for Shamanic Spirit Program:     Walking in the Worlds: The Shamanic Journey Weekend Intensive Workshop

Shamanic Spirit Program Registration:  Contact Jessica for more information.  This program is offered on a continual basis, and is taught individually with students.  Training sessions are scheduled by Appointment upon acceptance into the program.


Policies for Programs

Please note that completion of pre-requisites for a program does not guarantee acceptance of application to a program.  
Pre-requisites (or no pre-requisites) differ for each program as listed in the program description.
Students must complete an application process and meet the requirements to be accepted into each program. Upon acceptance, training sessions are scheduled by appointment. A 24 Hour Notice is required for cancelling and/or rescheduling training sessions. Payments for Training Programs are non-refundable, but may be credited towards rescheduling sessions for programs.