Hunter Healing Hands
Integrative & Intuitive Shamanic Wellness

Jessica Hunter

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"It is in Surrender that the Hands of Spirit step in to weave the Magic;  

For it is by the Hands of Spirit that Healing truly can occur." 


 ~ Jessica Hunter

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~ Hunter Healing Hands ~

215 Harbor Avenue

Black Rock, Bridgeport, CT 06605

Office Phone (Landline):  203-916-8381

Cell Phone:  203-522-2673

E-mail: [email protected]

Shamanic Healing: 

*  Power Animal Healing   

*  Soul Retrievals   

*  Past Life Healing   

*  Ancestral Healing

*  Shamanic Mediumship    

*  Shamanic Journeys for Divination and Guidance

*  Extraction     

*  Spirit Attachment Removal & Shamanic Depossession

*  Curse Unraveling and Clearing    

*  Psychopomp Healing

*  Professional Space Clearing & Blessing for Homes, Land, or Businesses

Additional Healing Services:

* Crystal Healing

* Acupressure

Workshops & Training Programs

Empath, Crystal, & Shamanic Workshops

*  Stone Spirit Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program

Shamanic Spirit - 2 Year Shamanic Practitioner Certification Program

Please note: Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Shamanic Healing,  work in conjunction with traditional care for overall wellness and balance; they are alternative holistic modalities.  Such services are complimentary to medical and/or psychological services, and are not a replacement for medical and/or psychological care.