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Jessica C. Buturla Hunter

* Sun Star Shamanic Healing *

Integrative & Intuitive Shamanic Wellness

(Formerly Hunter Healing Hands)

"It is in Surrender that the Hands of Spirit step in to weave the Magic;

For it is by the Hands of Spirit that Healing truly can occur."

~ Jessica Buturla Hunter

Artwork by and Copyright of Kirk Reinert

A Rainbow in the Darkness - Aurora Borealis

Written by Jessica Buturla Hunter

A rainbow in the darkness, a light that shines above

I am a sacred mystery of the wonders, dreams, and love

I shine in times of darkness, with colors all aglow

that carry sacred wisdom, that the Elders often know

For I am nature's kaleidoscope, with lights in many arrays

displayed in the depths of darkness, and absent from light of days

I am the Aurora Borealis, and my magic is quite the sight

For I am the light of the fire of Sun, among the Stars at night

Poem Copyright Jessica Buturla Hunter

~ Sun Star Shamanic Healing ~

P.O. Box 3315

Black Rock, Bridgeport, CT 06605

Call or Text:  203-522-2673

E-mail: [email protected] 

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Jessica Buturla-Hunter

is also a contributing Author to the book:

Shamanism Without Borders

2nd Edition

Please visit the "Publications" page

for more information.

Image and Publication Copyright The Society for Shamanic Practice