"If we are willing to dive deeper in the water of ourselves 
and work with the layers, the Pearls are waiting......."
                              - With much gratitude, Jessica Hunter 

  * Integrative & Intuitive Healing Sessions *  

* Certification & Accredited Training Programs * 
in Reiki, Crystal Healing, & Shamanic Healing

* Shamanic Drum Circles & Group Healing Events *

* Sacred Shamanic Drum & Rattle Making *

* Professional Space Clearings & Blessings *

* Legal Sacred Ceremonies *

Please Note:  Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Healing, and Shamanic Intuitive Readings work in conjunction with traditional care for overall wellness and balance; they are alternative holistic modalities. Such services are complimentary to medical and/or psychological services, and not a replacement for medical and/or psychological care.  
Nature's Enchantment
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